“The Voice” Recap: The Top 5 Perform The Top 5 artists perform for America's votes for the final time. Who will win it all?

The Voice season 19 is in the home stretch, people! The five remaining artists have only one more night to impress America before a new winner is crowned. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Blake Shelton also have one more shot to try to get their artist over the finish line.

Each coach has one artist on their team, except for Blake, who has two. Will that give him an advantage? His artists have won this show a lot over the years, after all.

Here’s what’s going to happen. Tonight, the Top 5 will each deliver two performances, one being a cover and the other an original tune. So let’s get right into it, with the final performance episode of The Voice season 19…

Carter Rubin (“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus / Team Gwen)
This is a very age-appropriate song for someone like Carter. His voice sounds very smooth and clear. This song has the perfect message for the finale week of a singing competition show. In a way, it’s a very safe performance, but it’s still fitting and I’m not surprised that he’s decided to cover this Miley hit.

Desz (“Holy Ground” by Desz / Team Kelly)
It’s the first original song of the night. I’m not really expecting much from these, but we’ll see. As for Desz’s, it’s fine. I do really like the chorus, especially in the second half when she’s able to really belt it out. But I will note that her voice isn’t as pitch-perfect as we’re used to from her.

Ian Flanigan (“In Color” by Jamey Johnson / Team Blake)
I’m getting a big singer-songwriter vibe from this performance. He’s really connecting with the lyrics of this song, and he’s telling a story. He’s no Desz, but he’s in his own lane and it’s clearly working for him. Also, I like the black and white photographs in the circle below him, which connects with the story.

Jim Ranger (“Last” by Jim Ranger / Team Blake)
Eh, I’m not really feeling this. To be honest, he should have been eliminated last week after that solo performance. As I said then, “I’m not feeling anything” during the first half of the song. I feel that way tonight with this entire performance. It’s not that he’s a bad singer or anything, but it’s kind of boring.

John Holiday (“Where Do We Go” by John Holiday / Team Legend)
I’ll admit, I’m not liking this song at first. Fortunately, it grows on me more and more as the song goes on. John’s falsettos are extraordinary as usual. What else is there to say?

Desz (“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac / Team Kelly)
“Landslide”! Desz does an absolutely beautiful job on this iconic song. Gorgeous vocals! Out of the five singers still competing, she has by far the best vocals; no one else even comes close. Obviously, the person with the best voice doesn’t always win on these singing competition shows, even on a show called The Voice. But she 100% deserves to win. Let’s give Kelly another win!

Now for a brief break from the competition, as Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani perform “Happy Anywhere.” Okay, moving on…

Ian Flanigan (“Never Learn” by Ian Flanigan / Team Blake)
This is a very mellow song and a very mellow performance. I don’t think people will remember this tomorrow, or even at the end of tonight. It’s not exactly single-worthy, even though this will be his single if he wins. But on a positive, there are similarities to his first performance tonight, in that he’s connecting with the lyrics and it feels like something he would sing in the real world.

John Holiday (“Halo” by Beyonce / Team Legend)
While there are some moments in which his voice isn’t quite on pitch, it doesn’t detract from the overall performance, which is exquisite. Those falsetto “oohs” at the end? Oh my god, that just hits you inside and you can’t help but feel the emotion emanating from the song.

Carter Rubin (“Up From Here” by Carter Rubin / Team Gwen)
When the song first starts, I’m thinking, did Carter just go through puberty? But I guess it’s merely that he’s in his lower register at the start before going back to the usual mid-to-upper range we’re used to from him. As for this song? Well, it’s not good at all. I mean, there are some nice moments in the middle and towards the end, but that’s mainly due to his voice. The song overall kind of drags his talent down, which is really disappointing.

Jim Ranger (“With a Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles / Team Blake)
Where was this all season from Jim? Well, he’s for sure bringing out the big guns right at the exact moment it matters. This is a classic song that everybody loves, and it’s one of those songs in which everyone can sing along. He sounds great. Before this performance, I was confused as to why the producers were slotting him into the final spot of the night. Now we know. Before this, I would’ve said that someone like Carter would be in a much better position to win than Jim. And, of course, we all know Desz is the rightful winner. But this is Team Blake, and Jim has done what he needed to do right now, so maybe Jim will win? I don’t know.

That’s it! The Top 5 have done everything they could to compete for the top prize. Now it’s up to America to make the biggest decision of the entire season. Only one can win. Will Blake come out on top yet again? Can one of the other coaches take the trophy away from him? Please, America–can you do that?!

The Voice season 19 finale airs Tuesday at 9pm on NBC.

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