“The Voice” Recap: The Top 9 are Revealed Four compete for the Instant Save, as the Top 9 are revealed.

It’s time for the first live results show of The Voice season 19! Who’s staying? Who’s going home? And who will fight for the Instant Save?

This will be a bloodbath of a results show because, out of the 17 artists currently in the competition, only nine will remain at the end of the night. America has chosen to advance four. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Blake Shelton will also pick four. And then four artists will face off for the final spot.

Team Kelly is facing the music first. America has voted for Desz! I’m not surprised. She was the best on Kelly’s team last night.

But who has Kelly chosen? It’s Cami Clune, who I noted was the second best of Team Kelly.

Team Gwen is up second. Carter Rubin is sticking around from America’s votes! I said, “I think he’ll be here next week, and hopefully he really goes for it.” Now let’s hope he does really go for it.

As for Gwen’s choice, she’s going with Ben Allen. I guess I’m not surprised; he did really connect with the song. I thought she would’ve gone with Joseph Soul, after how much she was gushing over him.

Up next is Team Blake. America voted to keep Ian Flanigan. He’s got a great tone to his voice, so America definitely got it right here. Blake himself has chosen Jim Ranger.

Finally, Team Legend is ready to find out their fates. John Holiday has received the most votes from America. He had the final spot of the night, and he’s a very unique artist, so this is to be expected, even though I found his voice to be far more pitchy than usual.

John decides to keep Tamara Jade in the competition. Great decision right there, Mr. Legend!

It’s time for the Instant Save, but who will compete for that final spot?

They are: Team Kelly’s Tanner Gomes, Team Gwen’s Payge Turner, Team Blake’s Worth the Wait, and Team John’s Bailey Rae.

This means Madeline Consoer, Joseph Soul, Taryn Papa, Sid Kingsley and Chloe Hogan have been eliminated. It turns out Taryn was not helped by that extra attention she got from winning the four-way Knockout.

Worth the Wait (“I’m Gonna Love You Through It”)
They’re better at the very end, but this performance isn’t worth saving them over. They seem off their game. Their voices are off-key at times; it’s a little cringe-y.

Payge Turner (“Diamonds”)
Payge is a unique artist who loves putting her own stamp on these cover songs. Vocally, she’s so much better than she was on Monday. Will it be enough?

Tanner Gomes (“Pickin’ Wildflowers”)
Generic male country voice. Forgettable performance. Let’s move on.

Bailey Rae (“Never Again, Again”)
Comparing the vocals of these four performances, Bailey is definitely the best.

The Instant Save winner is…Bailey Rae!

Payge may be more unique, but vocals won out in the Instant Save tonight.

And that’s it, people. Only nine remain in the competition.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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