“Teen Mom 2” Season Finale Recap: Javi Makes Himself At Home Ousted from Miami, Javi knows he'll always have a couch at Kail's place.

Remember last week on Teen Mom 2 when Jenelle got into that road rage accident? Barbara is checking out the aftermath of the car right now, and even though everyone seems to be getting along, Jenelle makes sure to gaslight Jace and tell him no, she didn’t pull a gun. Also, since it’s Babs and Jenelle, things get a little bitter near the end. Jenelle is just upset that Jace’s head almost hit the dashboard. P.S. Girl, it didn’t.

Leah is prepping Ali for a hospital stay and sleep study. Leah’s friend Kylie stops by while Leah preps Ali for what to expect. She has to tell the doctor how she’s feeling, which isn’t much fun. Speaking of not fun, Chelsea needs to hand Aubree over to Adam’s parents, who — at the very least — aren’t on scary drugs like their son. While on the road, Chelsea gets an image sent to her of Adam and Aubree. “Ohmigahhd,” Chelsea says. “Someone just sent me this” She shows Cole, who’s driving, the photo. The photo was posted online, which means Adam gives zero fucks about the court order. Chelsea wastes no time contacting her lawyer. I feel for her, but the scene looks a little re-enacted. Even Cole is like, not convincingly upset at this.

Over at Kailyn’s house, she’s rocking some lavender locks and talking about the boys Jiu Jitsu classes. She’s doing 50/50 with Jo with Isaac, which Kail gets, but it’s still hard.

Briana’s Post-Surgery Tears

As for Javi, he was last seen leaving Briana’s confrontational post-surgery. Briana and her family talk about it a little bit, and how Roxanne’s confrontation forced him out. “You should have never done that,” Briana said. She said she didn’t necessarily want him there, but she was upset that Roxanne made him uncomfortable. Also, Devoin was there and Roxanne didn’t even ask Briana about it at all. “I don’t want you to cry,” Roxanne says. “You can’t be that flip flop.” Then Roxanne asks her if shes in love with Javi, and things get quiet. But, probably not. Also, right at this second Javi is knocking someone else up. Spoiler alert!

Based on what happened, Barbara seems worried about Jace and feels like she needs to help get Kaiser out of the house. She chats with Nathan, and they actually seem like they might be teaming up.

Lil’ Ali meets with a nurse and Dr. Tsao, who asks about how she feels tired a lot. Leah says it happens every day. She gets off the bus flushed, and falls asleep in class. She uses the power-wheeled chair at home, even though she doesn’t love using it. “Her strength is decent,” Dr. Tsao says. “It’s just scary,” Leah says. Tsao says all these symptoms are related to muscular dystrophy, and that she needs to just continue to be followed and evaluated. He says they’ll try to help her with her school aide situation, as she definitely needs help at school. Leah seems appreciative, but overwhelmed. I feel for both of them.

Chelsea’s Big Betrayal

Chelsea talks to Aubree, and it turns out she was also confused to see her dad at her grandparent’s house. It’s e



specially complicated, since it puts Aubree square in the middle of all this. “We’ve learned in the past that trying to talk to his parents does not work,” Chelsea says to someone who’s name  I totally didn’t catch. Chelsea’s looking to take this to court, which may very well terminate grandparents rights. It’s not necessarily what Chelsea wants, since it’d devastate Aubree — but what other option does she have?


Before we get into Kail’s segment — anyone else notice this title for Javi?

They…did get divorced, right? If not, this Briana thing is a lot more interesting. Anyway. I digress.



Kail invites Javi over to talk about what happened with Briana. He comes in acting enthusiastic, and gives Kail a hug. “It was like a drama show in real life,” Javi says. I’ve decided that I only like Javi when he has conversations like this with Kail. The two have a connection. Javi admits Kail was right, and says that no matter who he’s with, they need to have a relationship with Kail. He thanks her. It’s kind of nice.

Jenelle has a voiceover about returning Jace to Barbara, noting they couldn’t film the visit because David was around. Which is a perfect way to introduce what happens next. Barbara talks to the production crew about how she just wants Jace to be safe, and Jenelle’s car pulls in. But David’s in it, meaning production has to shut down.

But first, Chelsea’s drama. Chelsea’s grandmother supposedly misunderstood things and was very apologetic and sad, but Adam and Chelsea both seemed okay. Cole mentioned that Aubree was confused, and the grandmother mentioned it’d never happen again. Supposedly this is the first or second time that they’ve ever accepted any sort of blame. And Chelsea is super relieved.

Ali’s Update

Back at the hospital, Ali is having some tests done before her sleep study. They’ll be staying overnight for it. The fun part is that Ali gets to be carted around in a wagon with a butterfly on it. The sad part is that Leah is so scared, and is trying to hide her tears from her daughter. Ali’s breathing test was very low. It was supposed to be between 400 to 500, but it was around 186. She’ll be on a machine that, per Leah, she’ll have to be on forever to monitor her breathing. Ali is positive — she thinks her new machine is a lot like a robot, and she’s never seen a robot up close before. “We will use it as the doctor says,”  Leah states. “They know what’s best for you.”

Briana returns home to Miami, and blegh. She walks into Devoin sweetly parenting Nova, who is not into learning her sight words. She walks in and says she can’t do anything, not even change diapers. “Your ass looks no different,” Brittany lovingly says.

As for Devoin, he’s about to move into a new place. He has work, but he’s looking for more. “I need cash in hand every day,” he says. Briana thanks him for helping with Nova, but also Stella. He admitted he wasn’t always there in the beginning, and missed a lot of Nova’s firsts. But “Stella is pretty interesting.” It’s a sweet moment. Briana says he can stay as long as he wants, especially since Nova’s getting so much out of this. “Nova like, needs you,” she says. “I need her,” he responded.

Jenelle’s Diva Moment

Jenelle agreed to do a special for Teen Mom 2 without David, and it went well. But Jenelle is still upset that she’s by herself. She said she wasn’t going to do another season without him. Supposedly she’s getting offers from both Netflix and Amazon, which — yeah, I’m sure. I bet both those huge companies are cool with the idea of having guns and instability on set.

And, that’s a wrap on this Teen Mom 2 season. But since this is MTV, that means we’ll still see these girls for like, a month on pointless specials. Next week on Teen Mom 2 is a very special episode called “Beyond The Screams.” And I’ll be here for it.

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