“Teen Mom 2” Reunion Part One Recap: Now With Even More Kail And Briana Barb is also there, talking about kitchen vomit.

Uh, so. True story. I totally forgot about the Teen Mom 2 reunion, so I’m coming in a little late.  […]

“Teen Mom 2” Season Finale Recap: Javi Makes Himself At Home Ousted from Miami, Javi knows he'll always have a couch at Kail's place.

Remember last week on Teen Mom 2 when Jenelle got into that road rage accident? Barbara is checking out the […]

“Teen Mom 2” S9E12 Recap: What The Hell, Jenelle? All the girls have plots tonight, but trust me. Jenelle's is the only one that matters.

Previously on Teen Mom 2, I wasn’t here! I was on vacation. So these “previously on Teen Mom 2” clips […]