“Teen Mom 2” Behind The Screams Recap: Drama Is Still For Nerds, Apparently Things get ugly during "Unseen Moments."

So, uh. Is it trashy to recap an episode that’s pretty much focused on Briana freaking out on stage? Especially since this Kail and Briana fight has been the dullest plotline ever? Maybe if Briana didn’t tell Kail to “suck my dick,” the whole Javi drama would have been a lot less…dramatic. This Teen Mom 2 “Behind The Screams” episode is actually airing right before the actual reunion.

Briana admits in the beginning of the episode that since the show started airing, she’s been fighting a lot with Kail online. She’s also going to have to see Javi again at this reunion. “Now she’s going to watch these episodes and see me and Javi be a thing,” she says. “You guys got a divorce, that relationship is over.” Briana also says that Jenelle isn’t coming. Because David wasn’t invited.

According to Briana, Jenelle said that Barb will put Kail in her place. Uh, sure.

Cut to Jenelle. Jenelle says she doesn’t want to be around the drama. Nobody gets along anymore and now it’s all just catfighting. They did get along at some point (don’t they have matching tats?) but not anymore. She said Dr. Drew is actually coming to Wilmington to film her, since she feels more comfortable on her own.

In the city, Nathan, Ashley, and Barbara meet up with Nathan’s friend Josh. Babs tells Nathan that Jenelle won’t be there. “So guess what? It’s gonna be peaceful,” Barbara jokes. Nathan says it’ll be the most peaceful reunion weekend ever. But no, since there are other cast members. They talk about Jenelle’s famous road rage incident. Ashley asks why Jace was even  in the front seat, which, thank god someone else mentioned that. Nathan states that David and Jenelle don’t really know how to raise a child. Meanwhile, he supposedly screwed up the paperwork and everyone is silent because he openly admitted he didn’t know who was the defendant and who was the plaintiff.

Chelsea’s Worries

Chelsea also doesn’t want to be at the reunion, since she’s pregnant and doesn’t want to be in the middle of anything. Also, since she has Watson and Aubree there. Cole unveils his “Drama’s For Nerds” t-shirts he made. Since remember he said that one line the last time?  Now it’s preserved forever, both in film and via cotton.



Kail and Chelsea meet up, and Kail is all about Chelsea’s bump. She’s not as concerned about the reunion — she’s more concerned about Unseen Moments. Kail said that Briana’s been making false accusations about Kail and her children, even stating that Chris beat her. What? “At this point, I don’t think that I would be able to control myself,”  Kail said. She’d be willing to talk to her, but only off camera.

Leah actually left her kids at home, which makes sense. She’s getting her hair and makeup done. She thinks that by now, there shouldn’t be drama — she’s been doing this for ten years by now and has tried to be nice.

The Teen Mom 2 crew choose to keep the cast separated, which — smart. Cut to Chelsea, who’s FaceTiming with Cole and it’s a pointless call except for the two of them call each other beautiful. Boring! Kail texts Briana to see if she wants to talk before everything goes down. But Morgan stops her in the hallway, saying that he’s hoping it’s just to bury the hatchet. “My feeling is, can we somehow put this to rest?” he says. Preach it, dude.

Briana says she doesn’t know why Kail wants to make things a big deal, but uh. Does she not remember those very public tweets that were trying to stir up shit? Kail’s friend Becky laughs that Kail just got her hair done, and suggests she pulls it back before her meetup.

The Big Off-Screen Argument

Felecia and Andre are brought in as security during the big talk. Kail walks in the door. The door closes. Suspense! Commercial break!

So, Kail asks Briana why she feels so comfortable talking about her and her relationships online. “I’m gonna do what I wanna do, I’m gonna say what I wanna say,” Briana yells back. She calls her a bitch and tells her to stay the fuck away. This is audio only, by the way. #TeamKail always. Briana just escalates crap. “She’s so corny!” Briana cries, when asking production about Kail. Kail can’t believe Briana can talk her mouth off online, but can’t face her face to face.

Online live, Kail tweeted about it. She’s obviously still quite pissed. And yes, I believe this feud is 100% real.


Kail calls Briana an internet thug. Can we all just agree that talking crap about anyone’s kids online is a bad idea? They’re kids. All of them were born on MTV and didn’t ask for this. Having their mom’s coworker spread additional information and drama about them for the fans online is just kind of cruel. I know it might be hard to based on the environment of all this, but every kid on this franchise is innocent.

Shit Goes Down

Barb and Chelsea talk in the elevator, and supposedly Jace is dying to see Aubree, and TOO CUTE. But, before that happens, the drama happens. The girls enter the stage with Barb, and you can tell the audience is like “…where’s Jenelle?” Dr. Drew, still getting his makeup done, tries to tell Briana that it’s going to be a fun show. Bahahahah, no. The second she steps on stage, she freaks out. This is giving me some Amber and Farrah vibes. Briana is literally dragged on a couch screaming “LET ME GOOO” like a fucking chaotic mess. She’s dragged off stage. It all happened so fast that I’m not even sure what happened? Kail is being held back by security.

Briana is so out of control that she grabs pictures from the wall and props and throws them on the ground while yelling out “stupid bitch.” Dude, MTV, I’m done with this girl. She’s straight up embarrassing.

Chelsea immediately left the set for her own safety, which is the smartest move ayone’s made on the show. Briana tries to tell Brittany that Kail came at her, and she’s the one who started it. Brittany claims she did the smart thing by not having the cameras there. Her family pretty much tells her that she’s the one who’s going to look like a dumbass. And yup — she did.

Here’s Briana’s tweets about what went down.


I don’t know. Maybe don’t be on a reality show if that’s an issue?

Leah talks about what happened with the segment producers, and said that she stayed while everyone ran. And that Briana’s segment intro was just yelling. It really was.

Then Javi pops up with a plate of food and asks Kail what happened. Kail and Javi have a (seemingly) normal talk, which is always enjoyable. But still, you know Javi loves this shit. Fans of The Office, know that episode where Angela keeps wanting to hear how Dwight fought off Roy when he attacked Jim? That’s Javi right now. He wants all the info. Eventually, Kail just asks Javi why he’s even there.

Dr. Drew Solves Nothing

Briana goes back on stage to talk to Dr. Drew, since supposedly he’s good with talking about stuff like this. On the “sneak peek,” Brittany kind of defends Kail on television. Briana, however, looks defeated.

Backstage, Nessa and Leah get their makeup done, and Leah fills her in on what happened. She says that Brittany grabbed Kail’s hair, and Briana’s dress was all the way up to her chest. “It has not been a very productive work day,” Leah says. Cut to, Briana crying on stage with Dr. Drew saying she “can’t do this.” If only all of us had the luxury of being able to walk out of our jobs whenever we wanted, right? Next week on Teen Mom 2 is the actual reunion, if you’re not already exhausted.

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