“Teen Mom OG” S7 Finale: A Nine Month Separation Bentley's newest sibling has officially been confirmed.

You guys, it’s the season finale of Teen Mom OG! That means that there’ll be like, 40 weeks of reunions and specials, and then Teen Mom 2 starts up. Personally, I’m more of an OG fan than a 2 fan, but I’ll still be here recapping.

Last week on Teen Mom, Ryan is presumably still on drugs, Mackenzie is pregnant, Tyler is trying not to crack under the pressure, and Amber got woozy buying a train set.


Over at Maci and Taylor’s house, Jayde and Maverick are being simply adorable. Maci and her friend are out on a spa and wine day, and Maci reveals that Ryan is expecting a baby. She’s excited for Bentley’s sake, but just because they’re having a baby, she’s not assured in any way that Ryan will be clean. Her tactic right now is to just be the best mom to Bentley, which she is.



Mackenzie and Ryan go to doctor Kirk Brody, and Mackenzie talks about her symptoms. She’s nauseous and moody, and trying to poorly crack a joke, Kirk Brody wonders if it’s “a change.” They see the gestational sac and baby on the ultrasound. “It looks like a boy,” Ryan jokes. They hear the heartbeat and are given the due date of October 15th. I just looked it up, and Bentley is also an October birthday — the 27th.

April 13th is Amber and Andrew’s due date. Andrew is asked through Skype to work on some “pizza project” that his friends Travis and Spencer got funding for, and I’m just thankful he actually has a job. The producers ask Andrew if he misses working, and he says he always likes being on set. Andrew tells Amber about the project, and Andrew asks her if she doesn’t mind relocating with her in July.



Amber admits it’ll be hard with a 2-month-old, but she has friends in LA and they’ll make it work. Plus, his family is out there. And also, it’s during Leah’s summer break, so maybe she can hang in LA too. Maybe. Amber seems hesitant.

Nova and Tyler set up their Christmas tree, and it’s kind of a sad and lonely scene. Luckily, Catelynn is on her way back home. Nova, holding a turtle, is so happy to see her. “I’m not scared!” Nova says, in regards to the turtle. She loves that turtle! This has to be a re-enactment since Catelynn and Tyler just don’t seem overly happy to see each other. Cate is already yawning.

The Worst Pregnancy Announcement Ever

At the McKinney house, Taylor tries to get Jayde and Maverick to sing a song. Once again, they’re too damn cute. Switching over to Ryan and Mackenzie, Larry wants to know all the baby info, like names. They have nothing chosen so far. Supposedly Ryan found out because Mackenzie put her pregnancy test in his bag of fast food which is SUPER DISGUSTING. He hurls it across the room and then freaks out. “Ryan, we’re married!” Mackenzie says after Ryan wonders what the hell they’re going to do. What a wonderful story.

Catelynn talks about therapy and says she’ll be going once a week, and also hook up with a psychiatrist. She’ll also be working a lot with Nova and her horse, and work on not being afraid to ask for help. She thinks there’s still a lot of work she needs to do.

To get back to real life, she checks out the updates to their new house. She thinks there’s a dope shower, and while she says she’s excited, she just doesn’t…look excited. She admits she’s exhausted. At least she acknowledges that Tyler’s done a ton without her there. He had a bunch of roles to fill and stepped the F up.

Dissed By A Child

Leah actually ditches Amber this time, choosing to hang at a friend’s house instead. Amber says it’s an ongoing battle to even have Leah want to spend time with her. As she gets older, she chooses her friends. Amber talks to Krystal and wonders if she should be more strict. “It needs to happen on Gary’s weekend,” Krystal says. Amber admits it’s probably not a fun time with her since she’s pregnant and sick, but notes that Leah is the only reason she’s staying in Indiana. She wants to move to California. “I can’t do it yet,” she says. Once Leah graduates from high school, Amber’s outta here.



Trying to get back into a routine, Catelynn opens up to Tyler about how she really feels. “I started having really bad anxiety,” she says. She takes Ativan to help her get through, but she feels like she’s letting people down. Her anxiety is making her feel guilty. Tyler blames himself, but Catelynn shuts him down and says it’s her inner child. “It’s my own shit,” Catelynn admits while crying. “You’re awesome, you’re supportive.” Catelynn says then and there that she’s going back to rehab. There’s a moment of silence, and she admits that she was afraid of even bringing that up since she was terrified Tyler would choose to divorce her. But, Tyler is a nice guy. While it’s so good that Catelynn recognizes she’s not better yet….poor Nova.

Kristina and Gary talk about the whole Leah diss, and Kristina says it definitely gets hard when they’re older and start pulling away. But she’d also hate for Leah to have no time with her friends, being between the two households.

Maci helps Bentley with his homework while Jen asks Ryan if he’s ready for this baby. They also ask how he feels about being sober. He thinks having a baby will help him even more since he has another family member he needs to stay sober for. Larry tries to relate and say he’s on the same train, which is kind of an interesting statement. Then Larry starts talking about how Ryan sharing his story may save people. Ryan was arrested a few weeks back, FYI. And Maci and Taylor have a restraining order against him. Things really aren’t coming up Ryan right now.

Inpatient V. Outpatient

Catelynn called the center and said she wanted to go back. They recommended outpatient services in Michigan, but told her to choose what’s right for her. She’s leaning more towards Arizona, even though Tyler suggests giving outpatient a try for a week to see what it’s like. But no matter what, she should choose what’s easier for her. It’s a tough scene, with Tyler wiping away a tear.

Tyler grabs lunch with his sister Amber, which will probably make him feel even worse. She asks about Cate, and he fills her in. Tyler admits he was pissed off a little since she didn’t weigh any options. “It’s more or less like, dude. Our kid, bro. Our kid,” Tyler says, candid AF.

“As her father, I think outpatient is what’s best for her, inpatient is what’s best for you, ” he says. According to Tyler, Catelynn stated that Nova “will manage.” It reminds him a lot of the stuff Butch said to their mom (er — mahm) during their childhood. Tyler even says that with all of this on their plate, maybe he’s not good enough for Cate. Seriously, someone give this kid a hug. So many truth bombs just exploded right now, and for the first time ever, I appreciate the fact that sister-Amber served a purpose on the show.



Maci hangs out with her mom, Sharon, who is almost never on the show. The two are almost clones. Maci drops the “Mackenzie is pregnant” news, and Sharon is shocked. “I mean, he’s 30,” Sharon says, then asking if he’s passed a drug test yet. Both of them just know he’s not sober. Maci thinks that at this stage, she doesn’t owe Ryan anything anymore.

Speaking of Ryan, him and Mackenzie (and the pup — cute, but dangerously wandering around the car) drive home. Ryan nods out and admits he’s not feeling good. They get in the house, and a fight brews. He admits she has an attitude, and he doesn’t know if he can do this for 9 months. He even says they may have to separate for 9 months, which is kind of funny, but the last thing a pregnant lady wants to hear.

Gel Times

Andrew and Amber talk about Leah and Gary, and Amber admits that he’s not giving up his weekend. Amber thinks she should be a priority, even though she hasn’t really made him be a priority. Andrew thinks Gary’s putting stuff in Leah’s head, which. Dude. No. Stay out of this. Gary says he’s not switching since it’s a weekend with Kristina’s daughter, and there’s reason here. “I admit, I used to be a bad mom. I was a pillhead,” Amber says. But she’s a hero who put herself in prison for her daughter (just stop with that, girl) and is now a non-alcoholic, non-pill headed mom. Even though Matt outed her on Marriage Boot Camp literally days ago, months before this was shot.

Catelynn drives Nova to school, and Nova starts to freak. She’s done with school. She tells her that Tyler will pick her up, but mom will see her soon. So… that was the last interaction she’ll have with her daughter in Michigan for six weeks.

Things are rough in the Baltierra house. And in the final scenes, we’re reminded that with all of these added responsibilities, Tyler is also responsible for Catelynn’s impulse horse.

One thought on ““Teen Mom OG” S7 Finale: A Nine Month Separation Bentley's newest sibling has officially been confirmed.

  1. I’m sick to death of Cate’s inability to cope with life. Tyler is a good man, and Cate seems to be taking advantage of that, not to mention the “guilty parenting” regarding Nova. She’s a beautiful little girl, but the tantrums must stop. Slamming doirs and back-talking Isn’t cute. Get a grip mom. Your husband and daughter need you to be a woman, not a shell-shocked little girl. Most of us have had trauma, I certainly have, but there comes a time when you must take personal responsibility. Thus is no longer the fault if your childhood.

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