“Teen Mom OG”: S7E17: A Plethora of Side Characters I miss Farrah more than ever right now.

Previously on Teen Mom OG, Ryan and Mack talked about having kids, and Ryan’s mom wisely said that they should wait a few years. Judging by what we know, they obviously didn’t take this advice. Maci also visited Catelynn in rehab, and both of them bonded over the trauma of having a miscarriage.

The episode starts with Amber vomiting into a bag. Thanks, MTV. Throwing up has happened a lot, and prior to her “episodes,” she feels dizzy and tired. As sketchy as Andrew is, he at least has a sense of humor about it.



Later that day, she decides to hang out with Cousin Krystal, who we haven’t seen for awhile. Krystal discusses her different pregnancies with babies Landyn and Logyn (talk about barf) while Amber pretty impressively dices an onion. Amber talks about how upsetting it’d be to have a man leave her after having a baby, like Krystal somewhat went through, and holy crap this better not be foreshadowing.

On the topic of kids, Maci is thinking about adopting a kid. Bentley likes the idea, which is kind of sweet. He thinks it’ll be nice to have someone else to play with. Jayde is also into the idea and would prefer a girl over a boy. Until Bentley changes her mind. Maci tells her that with three brothers, she’ll never have a boyfriend.

Nova’s Second Of Screentime

Nova is being watched by Kim, Tyler’s mom, while Catelynn is still in rehab in Arizona and Tyler is on his way with his sister to see Butch. I have personal issues with Tyler’s sister eating up airtime, since she kind of appeared out of thin air and can’t even take her kids to the doctor to get their cast removed. Like, she might be just as cringe-worthy as Mackenzie. Her and Butch both trashed Tyler’s house, remember. She’s putting blame on Butch, but again, she had Butch remove her son’s cast with a saw, so.

Andrew brings in a nice blue side table to the designated nursery that was apparently “Made in the USA” by Bubby. Who knew Bubby was into woodworking? Amber talks to Andrew about the conversation she had with Krystal and the issues with co-parenting. Over her shoulder is her stuffed sloth, which is kind of hilarious. When Andrew tries to talk, Amber talks over him, and surely he’s used to that by now.

Back to Tyler and his sister, also named Amber. They’re being driven in a fancy car, and Tyler tells her how she had a conversation with his mom about all she’s done wrong. Flash back to the scene in question, where Kim worries about what she did to their self-esteem. “You are such a good Maahh-muh!” Tyler whines. The two arrive at Butch’s rehab, and sister-Amber feels a little nervous. It’s kind of sad that Tyler’s season has been pretty much traveling between rehabs.

Feeling Nauseous

Back to the other Amber — the one we know is pregnant. Her morning sickness was getting worse, and she went to the doctor and realized she had gestational diabetes. Andrew tries to look up “diabetes diets” for her and says she has to limit carbs. Amber is a little sad she can’t enjoy her pregnancy as much. “Are you ready to change your diet?” Andrew asks. Amber says yeah, noting she has to keep the baby healthy.

Chance,  Ryan and Mac’s adorable pup, is getting a bath in the sink. The dog is my favorite part of their segments. He even has his own hooded towel, which is JUST TOO MUCH. And, well, that’s it for them so far. That’s probably just a precursor to the big pregnancy reveal.

Learning About Adoption

Over at Maci’s, her and legit best dad Taylor decide to start looking into adoption. They give one service a call to see what the next steps are, and a counselor says she’ll stop by their place for a consultation. Taylor is excited. “It just seems like the next best option,” Taylor says, as Maci doesn’t want to get pregnant again. Maci says it’s not that she doesn’t want to get pregnant, it’s just that she hasn’t really grieved the baby they lost. “It’s just too fresh,” she says.

Amber decides that Leah would be a great shopping partner for nursery stuff, in specific, a train. They’re looking for a shelf train. While looking at boxes, Amber feels suck and goes to sit down. She also may be overheated. She and Leah have a cute moment where she tells her daughter not to get bigger since then she’ll be a teen who’s driving around. That moment is literally coming up faster than we know, as she’s like.. almost in the double digits. The kid will be 10 this year. It has to be said though— Leah looks kind of bored at the train store.

Ugh, Krystal

Next, we get a scene of Cousin Krystal talking on the phone while driving with her kids and crying due to a harsh conversation with baby Leightyn’s father. (Yes, there’s three, and they all have Y names.) Supposedly he refused to change her brakes? This is how they’re filling Farrah’s segment, by the way. A ton of Krystal and a ton of sister Amber.



It’s time for Maci and Taylor to meet Rachel, the adoption counselor! Taylor admits he doesn’t know much about adoption but knows it’s not an overnight process so he wants to get things started. They don’t want a baby but are looking someone who’s four at the youngest. It’s super admirable that they’re looking for a child who may be harder to adopt.

Rachel says that a majority of the kids at that level will be from foster care, and older kids may be a little damaged. “You want a child that’s going to mix with your family in the best way,” Rachel says. Maci asks if they can meet the child ahead of time, and Rachel says that there are usually overnights for a few weekends as a trial before a decision is made. During that period, the child will be between the McKinney household and foster care. “We just want a child,” Maci says.

Tyler and sister-Amber talk to Tim the counselor before meeting up with Butch. Amber admits she’s nervous. Tim notes that Butch is doing great, mentioning that this visit is more about support than anything else. Supposedly he’s been writing more. In real time, I just learned that Channing Tatum will be splitting with his wife, which is huge. But there are fifteen minutes left of this show, and I believe in this recap.



(Actual Teen Mom OG cast member) Amber says goodbye to Leah, and Channing Tatum and his wife supposedly are still friends. I don’t believe that. But Gary is on screen now, wearing a cap that matches his shirt. And the shirt looks kind of new! Goodbye, “Dad Bod.” And while we’re on the topic, RIP for reals Belden Lineman.

Amber talks to Krystal about dudes again and talks about how Andrew is better than Matt (definitely) and Gary (maybe?) Hopefully one day cousin Krystal will find a guy that’ll change her brakes.

Back at Maci and Taylor’s place, they say goodbye to their adoption counselor. Taylor is more about adoption than ever before. “This is definitely something I’m interested in,” he says. And he means it,  by the way. Because Taylor is the sweetest dude.

An Unwanted Edwards Moment

Oh hey, Mackenzie is pregnant. And Ryan seems high when going over the list of stuff they’ll need to buy. Surely there’re more to this, but my TV connection went out for a second. Let’s just say this isn’t positive news.

The show ends on a Butch note. He opens up and says he’s grateful for his kids. Tyler says that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally. Even if they made your childhood horrifically terrible.

Let’s be optimistic, though: the season finale next week seems 10000% better than this episode.

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