1995 The Podcast: Mortal Kombat It was a spine-ripping success at the box office! Or at least, popular enough to get a sequel.

Howdy, y’all. The new television season is approaching quickly, and I’m excited to recap more shows again. But I’m also working on a podcast, and it kinda-sorta makes sense for me to promote it here, too. Since I post content here and created the site and all.

If you’ve been up to date on my Teen Mom footage, or remember me from the last season of Survivor, maybe you’ve been like, “Gee. I’ve always wondered what that online presence sounded like.” Well, you’re in luck! You can hear it on my podcast, called 1995 The Podcast. Maybe you ignored episode one, regarding Operation Dumbo Drop. And that’s fine, since that movie was boring. But this one?  This one at least resembles a movie.

This week, I’m releasing an episode in which my husband and I talk about Mortal Kombat. Don’t remember it? Here’s the trailer.

Even the trailer sounds confusing. Makes sense, since it’s a movie that’s literally based on a video game. Even so,  it’s better than you might imagine. Still bad, but…  not terrible. Listen to the podcast all about it here:

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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