Check Out 1995 The Podcast: “Operation Dumbo Drop” Because a podcast can *technically* be a recap.

Hi there! Yes, yes, I know — I didn’t recap that special about Kail from Teen Mom 2‘s biggest arguments. I figured people were pretty tired of the season. But hey, it’s September. And September means more shows, and new projects. I’m happy to announce a podcast I’ve started up called 1995 The Podcast. Each week, my co-host (who’s also my husband) and I will talk about a movie that came out in 1995. What did we think of it then, as pre-teens? What do we think of it now, as post-teens?

This is the first podcast I’ve ever created, and I’m quite happy with it. Sure, there’ll be some audio issues along the way. Yeah, I say “like” too much. But still, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to get nostalgic over the past. 1995 was a solid year in film.

The first episode is based around the Disney movie Operation Dumbo Drop. Ever see it? Ever want to see it? It’s got an elephant and a boy who feels overly comfortable riding that elephant, and — aw heck, just listen to the podcast.

Hope you enjoy! More episodes are scheduled to come out every Friday.

Featured Image Credit: Disney