“Teen Mom OG” Reunion Recap: Bad Drug Texts Maci and Ryan have a 2013-era reunion fight.

Dr. Drew talks to the camera and says that the Teen Mom OG reunions are always a time for tears and love. What will happen tonight? Who knows! It’s part one of two, and Maci and Catelynn are both on first. Amber will be available on Skype based on pregnancy, and Farrah has some sort of taped segment. Just imagine if Catelynn wasn’t able to attend this thing based on rehab? It’d just be Maci.

A montage of the season includes Ryan saying that if he didn’t see Bentley, he’d hurt somebody and Farrah saying she wasn’t coming to Deb’s wedding. The television horrifically shows Catelynn’s face when they go over her miscarriage scenes, which is just cruel. Honestly, I don’t want to see her reaction to it. I don’t even know why she’s here.

“It’s a lot,” Maci says, in regards to their season. Catelynn admits that this year may have really been the hardest. There were a lot of bottoms. A lot of people got treatment, which Catelynn thought was “intense.”

Dr. Drew asks the girls if they had any contact with Farrah, and of course, they don’t. They also don’t keep in touch with Sophia. How could they have? Don’t be an idiot, Dr. Drew.

Catelynn says that she was happy that Amber finally ditched Matt, and loved that Maci came to visit her in rehab and support her through her miscarriage. Catelynn further notes that at the end of Amber’s relationship with Matt, Amber seemed more isolated. She also couldn’t believe that Matt took the fancy Corvette, which was a GIFT TO AMBUH. This whole thing is rushed and uncomfortable. Why are Maci and Catelynn out there together summing up the season in the first seven minutes?

They separate at the next segment, and Catelynn is first.




Dr. Drew looks back at her difficult year. It starts with her and Tyler getting the keys to their octagon house and then they go into Butch territory and the “big sister” t-shirt. “I feel like maybe it just wasn’t the right time,” a sad Catelynn says. Then, the suicide clip. Catelynn wipes away tears as she watches.

“I think I know what got ya,” Drew says. “Your daughter.” Catelynn says that when she was in treatment, she struggled with fearing if she was putting Nova through the same stuff her parents put her through — trauma. Dr. Drew says that pain she’s feeling right now isn’t Nova’s. The deep pain is her pain. Dr. Drew says she’s been a bit evasive in the past and asks Catelynn to open up about her past. She says her mom was an alcoholic, and her dad was with her until 12, but then he went to live with his other kids and gave her abandonment issues. Plus, of course, placing Carly.

She was in treatment for 90 days and realized that her meds weren’t metabolizing correctly. Dr. Drew makes sure everyone knows she was also “smoking a ton of pot” at the time, and Catelynn admitted she was now clean. Tyler, on the other hand… very maturely, Cate says she won’t speak for him. Based on what Tyler’s going through, honestly, his usage shouldn’t be the key issue here unless it’s like, 24/7.

Speaking of Tyler, he’ll be in….part two, next week. But now it’s time for Amber through video chat.


Dr. Drew mentions it was an unexpected pregnancy, and also notes how she still has issues with Gary. Amber’s segments start with Matt, and him saying he did “nothing wrong.” Also, Tonya slurring about skeletons in the closet, and Amber being called a bad mom due to a “few months of depression.”



Amber felt pretty angry watching all that since 90% of what Gary says is not true. She says that she was with “that man for 3 and a half years,” and it was a mentally and physically abusive relationship that made her unhappy and depressed. When it ended, she spiraled out of control. Dr. Drew asks if she was sober, and she said she was “drinking horribly” and she stopped taking her medication and thought she could control her anger and life without her bipolar and borderline meds. But that wasn’t possible. She just didn’t want Leah to see her in that light.

Dr. Drew agrees and gets why she isolated but wants to talk more about Matt. Matt told her not to “believe the rumors” that he was married, but then it turned out that he was married. But hey, out with the old, in with the Andrew. “It was such a surprise,” Amber said. She had no clue that when she was filming Marriage Boot Camp, someone was thinking about her (even though she admitted she was really mean on the show. She is — just read the recaps.) She said he’s just the sweetest. And boom, pregnant. “Obviously I wasn’t using birth control,” she admits.

Then Dr. Drew asked about how Leah feels about being a  big sister and HELLO, SHE ALREADY IS. Then Amber airs her dirty laundry about Leah’s boyfriend. Amber thinks she’s way too old at this point, being that she’s already talking about boys. Then Amber talks about how Bubby “tamed” her, which seems gross.

Andrew shows up and says that he painted the nursery the other night and that everything looked good. “How did this happen?” Dr. Drew askes. Obviously through sex, Dr. Drew.

Wait, no. He means, how did they meet. He was in her room the first day of shooting, and he really liked what he heard. He felt like he could relate to her. She really is horrible on the show, by the way. Again — you should read the recaps.

“If it wasn’t for Andrew, I don’t even know if I could be here right now,” Amber admits. “I’m not always that strong.” Andrew says that he had his own struggles and went into a tailspin after his father passed. But now, he’s regaining the lost time he missed out on. He thinks that Gary likes to manipulate her, and calls her just to upset her sometime. Dude, I like you. And I know we don’t see everything, but. Step away from Gary, please.

The dirt on Andrew is public record, and things he did early on in life. Like a DUI. Also, he stalked an ex or something, but they don’t mention that. Dr. Drew asks about marriage, and both of them freeze and get weird about it. Amber and Gary will be reunited via video in — you guessed it — part two.

Maci & Taylor

Maci and Taylor are up next, and they get a round of applause. Taylor says that he doesn’t have a real relationship with Ryan. “There were some things… that I don’t agree with,” he said. “I don’t like the vulgar, threatening text messages.” He says he tries to be the bigger man, but it bothers him. T-Money is the best dude on this show, hands down. He even texts Jen and Larry!

“I fully support Maci and the way she’s gone about it,” he continues. He doesn’t know why Ryan isn’t taking drug tests. Maci’s been asking for them since July, and she fears he’s still on drugs.

In the back room, Ryan says he wishes he brought his old phone since there are texts on there saying he will take a drug test. (But, why didn’t he if it meant seeing his son?) Mackenzie states she’s pissed, and Jen and Larry are just…there.

Mackenzie & Ryan



Mackenzie and Ryan are on-stage now, and they both seem pissed. “She wanted a hair follicle test along with the piss test,” Ryan says. He said he wasn’t cool with the hair test, even though now he’s likely clean in that regard, maybe.

He also says he’s still interested in getting custody of Bentley, but he had to wait for a legal thing to pass. That was him getting pulled over with drugs. He says the treatment was rough, and he didn’t think he was going to make it and stay clean. “It’s a big monkey on your back,” Dr. Drew said. Ryan felt good after ten days of treatment. Ryan said it all started for his pain, but it wasn’t for any other reason than recreation. His original doctors went to jail, as he went to pill mills. These days, he talks to his therapist in treatment with him. But he’s depending on Mackenzie, his mom, and his dad. Then Ryan claims it’s hard to find a counselor based on Teen Mom.

Even Dr. Drew is like…what.

“I wouldn’t give up,” Dr. Drew says. Ryan says his treatment center was in Texas, and he stayed for 21 while they wanted him for 30. But he went to his classes, so he’s fine! Dr. Drew knows he’s still on something, I can tell. “This guy is so dumb,” my husband comments from behind me, even though I had no clue he was watching along.



Ryan refuses to do a segment with Maci. During the commercial break, Maci liked my tweet about her kitchen being amazing. If only she knew I looked up photos of the kitchen for inspiration for the house I’ll never build during this reunion special.

With that, Ryan says he’s “done” and rips off his microphone. “I’m not going out there with her,” Ryan claims. Dr. Drew says he heard something similar six or seven years ago (which, true.) Mackenzie says that Maci lied on stage about text responses.

But, Maci says she has proof that they’re liars — and I think the world is siding with her right now. Jen, who’ll always stand up to her car-drug son, thinks there was a lot that went on between Maci and Ryan that nobody knows about.  And, that’s where part one ends. I have to say, Maci’s segment was the most thrilling. And that’s not just due to the Twitter like. (Seriously, her kitchen is a treasure.)

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