Watch The Trailer For The Final Season Of “House Of Cards” Kevin Spacey who?

Kudos to Netflix for proving that even if your original lead happens to be a massive creep, the show can still go on. House of Cards will be debuting its sixth season, and it’s female-focused. This also marks the final season of House of Cards, which fans have mixed opinions about.

In it, Claire Underwood takes on the role as the first female president and gets a lot of shit. In fact, it’s mostly shit. She’s even called the “worst thing that has ever happened to this country.” But as for Underwood’s stance, she refuses to be told what to do by any man ever again. Based on the state of what’s actually happening in the world, we kind of need that line more than ever.

In fact, it’s kind of a shame that the House of Cards team didn’t spin this into a new show entirely — the trailer is incredibly compelling, and Robin Wright is nailing it.

The final season of House of Cards will drop on Netflix on November 2nd. It’s one of many important ways you can remind yourself to vote.

Featured Image via Netflix

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