“Survivor: David V. Goliath” Recap: The First Hashtag Blindside One survivor gets beach-side advice from a lawyer in this episode.

Last week on Survivor, Pat was evacuated due to some sort of boat and thunder emergency. But what will happen this week?

Over on the David tribe, everyone talks about Pat, the “morale  booster.” In fact, Jessica says Pat was “always the morale booster” even though he left before any sort of tribal council even happened this season. It just seems like those are strong words about someone who’s big arc post-boat was “being bossy about the shelter.” Then again, emotions, in general, are running high. Not only did Team David have to witness the medical team cart a screaming Pat away, but they’re dealing with pretty harsh weather conditions.



Starting a fire the next morning is even more difficult, as everything on the camp is damp. Christian offers to grab bamboo and admits to the cameras that he’s happy there wasn’t a tribal council. Nick was going to be the one going home according to him, and he likes Nick. And Nick knows this, stating that every day moving forward will be a blessing. He already thinks he’s BFFs with Christian.

“I think it’s time for some more alliance making.” He wants to call their alliance “The Mason-Dixon Line.” I’m currently reading my recap of last week to see if Nick is the “I’m making alliances with everyone and naming them weird things” guy. And — yep! As I quote, ” Well, Nick might be a little shady. He said he didn’t want to waste his energy on the shelter and was all about plotting and scheming. He starts an alliance with Elizabeth called Thoroughbreds.” I’m already betting you guys money that Probst has a “Nick’s Alliance Name” montage on the reunion.

Girl Power

Over on Goliath, Cara is making it obvious that she’s in a power couple, and everyone else is like “uh, don’t.” “He’s doing too much with you,”the girls say in regards to Dan. But they also have guys, on their side, and think that perhaps an alliance can be in the works. “Us three girls are clearly in charge, and we know it,” Natalia says. Again, this is day four.

Jeremy goes through Dan’s things with Mike White keeping an eye out. “Smart people don’t leave it in their stuff,” Jeremy notes. Mike feels good that Jeremy trusts him with these secrets. He thinks that having information is way more powerful than the idol.

While foraging, Davie, “the octopus guy” from Team David (how awkward and complicated for him, by the way. Is his name actually Davie, or did they make David change it for television?) finds an idol. He’s psyched. And, good for him. Davie is going places.

Carl from Team David thinks that everyone’s in a whirlwind after Pat’s abrupt exit. Now, Lyrsa is the target in Carl’s eyes, since she’s seen as being the weakest. Even though she and Christian proved they weren’t just one episode ago. “We have that equipment there since I won it,” Lyrsa reminds a buddy who lets her know. “I don’t think I’m the weakest person here.” Seriously, did Carl forget? It was mere hours ago.

Natalie Hates All This Fun

Spirits are high over at the Goliath camp. So high, that Jeremy gets naked in the ocean. “Everybody’s having fun here 24/7,” Natalie says, prior to calling them all child-like. She hates her tribe. So do I, but I wouldn’t be so obvious about it if I really wanted to stay in this. “Most of the tribe would like to see Natalie go,” John says. But he wants to work with Natalie, especially since it’d be an unlikely alliance. “How is the oldest person in the tribe the biggest threat?” Natalie says. Well, remember, sometimes it’s good to have strong people on episode 2 to keep winning things. Natalie keeps saying she won’t go down without a fight and plans on dropping some “Natalie napalm.”

“What she’s doing is not helping her case,” Jeremy says. As a lawyer, he tries to give her some real advice. He tells her she’s not very self-aware. She fights him on that. “I have a kinship to you to make sure we look out for each other,” Jeremy states. Natalie still doesn’t get it.

The Immunity Challenge



Over at the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst brings everyone up to date with Pat. “Keep in mind, that weather is moving fast and it may not be over,” he says. The challenge includes climbing a ladder for a key. Then they’ll have to row over for block puzzle pieces. There’s also a balancing aspect here. They’re playing for both immunity and a fishing kit. Mask,



snorkel, fins, and for the first time ever, a fishing pole!

The Goliath tribe gets an early lead, and Bi takes her damn time with the ladder. In the time it takes her to finish, Goliath already have their pieces. They also have issues with their raft, and while anything can happen, things just don’t look super great for them right now. “It has been a massive advantage for Goliath,” Probst says. Even though Goliath only had two puzzle pieces down, they spent a lot of time strategizing.

But since it’s a puzzle, the David’s are back in it. Time lapses and an hour passes. “Right now, the David’s are nowhere,” Probst says, saying that the only way they can beat Goliath is if they drop the puzzle with all five members holding onto it. But they don’t, and end up winning immunity and reward.

Jessica is comfortable saying that Lyrsa is going home, even though she didn’t seem to screw up the challenge. “As far as I know, the plan is to go for Lyrsa,” Gabby says. But she felt like the other girls were blowing her off, and she feels like she might be the actual target. “I wanted tonight to be an easy vote,” she says with tears. She’s scared.

Lyrsa thinks it’ll be Carl, but then they discuss Jessica. Since Jessica is buddies with Bi and Carl, she’s got a target on her back. Christian is surprised that everything changed, but hey, whatever. Gabby whines over to Christian making sure he’ll play with her and pretty much acting like a huge child.

Tribal Council

Now it’s time for tribal council. On Survivor, fire represents your LIFE. When your fire’s gone, so are you. Just in case you forgot.

Probst asks Lyrsa about the first few days, and she and others state that the crisis has ruined all of them a bit mentally. “You could cut this tension with a knife,” Lyrsa says. She mentioned that since she studied anthropology, she knows she’s on the chopping block. Or maybe it’s because other people told her. Jessica says that it’s hard to play the game starting at the tribal council. I hope she gets voted out. Bi just said her vote depends on performance, which is funny, as she spent like… a long time trying to assemble a ladder during the challenge.

Christian says that since things are so early, they have low confidence. He poetically compares tribal council to a rollercoaster, or a feeling of falling, and okay. Now it’s time to vote.

Probst goes to tally the votes and asks about immunity. Nobody budges. He reads the votes. The first vote is for Lyrsa, spelled terribly. As you’d expect. Second, Jessica. Then, Lyrsa. Then Jessica. Another for Lyrsa. And a fourth. But Jessica gets a third. Tense! Jessica ties it up. One vote left, and it goes to… Jessica. Ha! “Wow,” the tribe states. Nobody can believe what just happened, as is common on Survivor. But hey,  the tribe spoke.

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