“Survivor: David V. Goliath” Recap: Welcome To The Merge This week on "Survivor," it's all about keeping with momentum. You'll see what I mean if you read on.

Hey, it’s Survivor Wednesday! And as the title states, welcome to the merge! Christian is super happy that his buddy Nick, of Mason Dixon, is still in the game. Especially since it was a little rough there for a while. But Mason Dixon has reunited. And so has Kara and …Mike, I want to say?  No, Dan. The dude who has two idols. He’s so excited to see her that he blabs about finding a second. Kara is psyched, as that means she has the golden ticket. And they’ll always have each other’s back. Hugs!

As expected, the Goliaths and Davids just reunite with each other. The Goliath’s still have a lead, and already talk about blindsiding Christian. Alec is totally with them for sure but also knows that things may not always stay that way. For example, he’d totally go with the Davids. He immediately approaches Christian. Christian thinks the two of them have a relationship they should nurture, but on the down low.

Night Whispers

Dan and Kara, this season’s will-they-won’t-they of Survivor, were supposedly whispering to each other and giggling all night, and Elizabeth is quick to figure it out. She doesn’t know if it’s a romantic pairing, but it’s two people that are definitely close. “That’s a threat to me,” she says.

Mike White thinks he can work with Alison and Alec, but wants to also bring Nick into the fold after working with him back at Jabeni. Goliath or not,  he just wants a solid six. Alec talks to Gabby and tries to bring her and Christian in. Gabby is just happy to be included for once. “Alec, he is ready to move,” Christian says.

Elizabeth whispers around about Kara and Dan, and thinks that by voting Dan out, they might be able to work with Kara again. She chats with Alec about the plan, who brings it up with both Kara and Dan immediately. Dan is just furious that it’s his name getting thrown around, and not John “Slamtown” Slammington.

The Immunity Challenge



Now it’s time for their first Individual Immunity Challenge. Tribal Immunity is no more! Now they get the necklaces.

This challenge involves a swinging pendulum. Once everyone starts swinging with momentum, the challenge starts. They need to swing the pendulum around a statue while standing on a pedestal. They also can’t lose momentum. Mike White is the first one out, and now they’re down to 12. Christian loses momentum next. Next, Carl and Gabby. Kara also loses momentum, just ten minutes in. At fifteen minutes, there’ll be a live switching of hands. Which sounds super creepy out of context, right?

Nick drops his next, right before the 15-minute mark. As hands switch, Davie and Angelina can’t handle the transition. Alec is also out, dropping it down to four. Slamtown is out next, leaving Alison, Dan, and Elizabeth. Dan stays in the game by telling himself a mantra about how awesome he is, but it doesn’t work. Claaaaasssic Goliath. He’s out next.



Unfortunately, Elizabeth loses momentum, giving Alison the win. Finally, a time for her to shine! She doesn’t get much airtime.

Back on Camp Kalokalo, which is the new name, Angelina interrupts everyone today to try and blindside Christian. In her eyes, he’s the only one who could beat them. “I want to take out the biggest threat right now,” she says. Dan gets pissed off that Angelina used military terms to talk to them, and also doesn’t think that Christian is going to win the next nine immunities.

Gabby felt secure, but all of a sudden doesn’t feel good voting for Elizabeth. Especially since the Goliaths are all walking down the beach so proudly. How dare they walk!



The dudes sit down with Angelina and tell them that it’s Elizabeth this week. Once high and mighty, Angelina was like “OH OKAY.” She’s still pissed off, and doesn’t appreciate the fact that her minions didn’t go along with her plan. “Now I don’t even feel safe in my own home, in my own alliance” she says. Angelina has apparently never watched Survivor before.

Angelina pulls Elizabeth aside and says that they were locked in on someone until it flipped back to Elizabeth. “I’d rather see you here tomorrow than some of these people,” Angelina tells her. Elizabeth appreciates her honesty, but still cries. “I didn’t come here to get voted out,” she says to the camera. She talks to Davie and Gabby about what Angelina said. Gabby thinks this news might very help them get Angelina out.

Tribal Council

Now it’s time for Tribal Council. Alison is pretty happy she has the immunity necklace around her neck, since things are crazy. Alec says how they’re so many conversations going on, and everything has shifted. He pauses when he says that, which makes Jeff Probst question him. Elizabeth opens up and says there’s a fracture in the group and states that Angelina talked to her about it. Angelina tells her that her gameplay is really poor, since how dare she. Elizabeth knows Angelina was just trying to get her jury vote, but Angelina swears she wasn’t thinking that far ahead. Sure. I hate Angelina, by the way. I’ve hated her since day one.

Gabby cries about being at the bottom,  and Angelina states she’s just being used and she’s in a vulnerable position. “I should have just lied, Jeff,” Angelina says with tears. She says she’s a loving person. “It was not jury management, it was just a raw human moment.” Suddenly, whispers are happening in the back. Angelina looks like she’s panicking.

Jeff Probst tallies the votes. It’s between Angelina and Elizabeth tonight. But, Elizabeth’s votes are too numerous. She leaves with a peace sign, saying she loves everyone. “This group of 12 is anything but united,” Probst says. No shit, Probst.

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