“Survivor: David V. Goliath” Recap: Hauling The Saucer One team is pretty much seconds away from just giving up.

Welcome back to Survivor. Over at Jabeni, it’s day 16! And Lyrsa survived to see it. “I have more lives than a cat, man,” Lyrsa states. Angelina’s embarrassing jacket incident comes up again, especially since Angelina pretty much made it clear that jackets were more important than alliances or friendships. Mike White laughs about the infamous tribal jacket moment, saying that he thought Angelina was just going to swipe it from her.

“Last night really exposed how completely batshit crazy she is,” Mike White states. It was the perfect tribal for Nick since it exposed Angelina as a “sketchball.” “She might flip on a dime,” Nick says to Mike.

Over at Tiva, Christian and Gabby are chatting and flirting about fishing. Christian is trying on the scuba gear. “I’ve never put on a pair of flippers before, I believe,” Christian states. He says that every step is a blow to his ego. His first scuba exploration is a bust, as he couldn’t catch anything. He notes that he hopes the tribe isn’t depending on him for food.

The Reward Challenge



Over at the new Jabeni, Natalie is gone and nobody seems all that shocked. During the reward challenge, one person will carry a bag of coconuts and then need to climb a ladder and do something involving rings. The first tribe to finish gets cooking utensils, herbs, and spices. And kebabs! The second tribe to finish gets two kebabs. Based on numbers, Kara and Alison sit this Survivor challenge out.

Jabeni is dead last, but Lyrsa tries hard to pick up the pace. Vuku is in the lead, with Alec working the ring toss. Dan throws for Tiva and manages to get the first ring. Vuku’s big lead disintegrates, and Jabeni is all the way back in it. But it’s Dan from Tiva who gets four rings first, which means they’re taking home the supplies. Jabeni comes in second.



Back on camp, the Brochachos are hanging out. For Christian, it’s the first experience he’s had as a bro. “It’s an interesting transition happening,” he says. “I always wanted to be that guy.” He admits he has a big fear of being left out, and he’s feeling validated by the attention. For him, it’s been a lifetime of self-improvement.

That leaves Gabby a little scared. She can’t work with Dan and fears she’s losing Christian, so she goes to Alison in tears. Alison is empathetic, so she responds with kind words and a hug. So — are they going to blindside Dan, aka Slamtown?



Elizabeth’s big complaint this episode is her bed. The bamboo is uneven and it’s causing a lot of issues. She wants to work on it right now with Kara. Davie stops them, since they start with only two hours of daylight left. Elizabeth doesn’t like two things — lazy people and stupid people. If she cares about something, she can’t let go. And she’s irritated, man, If The Joel McHale Show wasn’t canceled, he’d be playing this clip along with the angry face Elizabeth makes.

She gives a sad monologue on how four weeks before Survivor, she couldn’t even get out of bed to go to the bathroom. And now, her back aches every day. And she’s tough! Kara notices the two sparring and realizes that the David’s might not be as tight as they claim.

The Immunity Challenge

Now it’s time for the Immunity Challenge. It involves a well with water. Gabby and Elizabeth choose to sit this one out.

So, the deal is, the team needs to haul a saucer through beams and obstacles, fill it with water, and bring it back. The more water to put in the well, the better. Holy shit, they stole this from Double Dare. Please tell me the “well” is really a bucket with a black line on it.

Okay, it’s not. But still — Marc Summers should be pretty upset at Jeff Probst over this. This challenge pretty much kills the tribemates. Jabeni nearly gives up due to cramping. But, they’re still in it. Sort of. Tiva wins, and it’s pretty obvious that Vuku will get the second space.

Jabeni is actually pretty embarrassing. They keep dropping the saucer, and they’re all beaten up, and they pretty much admit there’s nothing else they can do. Well, tribal council for them. Mike White is near tears, saying he wished he could do more. We all do, Mike.

Things are a bit awkward over at camp. Angelina kind of realizes that Lyrsa isn’t on her side. She felt like she might be, since they’re both Latinas. “It will absolutely be Lyrsa tonight,” Angelina states. Mike White is the big ticket here.

Angelina tries hard to get Nick on her side, while Lyrsa talks to Mike. Even though Angelina thinks she’s really tight with Mike, but that’s not totally the case.

Tribal Council

It’s time for Tribal Council! Nick is sad that one of them needs to go home. Mike White thinks all four of them are strong players, but this next vote is mostly about trust — especially since a merge may happen soon. Lyrsa talks about how she’s honest and has no reason to lie to anyone.

The first vote goes to Lyrsa, with the second going to Angelina. Lyrsa gets a second. And then a third. Upsetting, since she’s a strong player and Angelina is crazy, but… her Survivor tribe seems sorry. And now her name will stop popping up on my spellcheck.


Who Would You Have Voted For?


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