“Survivor: David V. Goliath” Recap: So, Does This Blindside Actually Happen? This is the tribal council you really don't want to miss.

Welcome back to Survivor! The final castaways have been away for 31 days, which is a long time to be without loved ones. So, let’s get to it. “It’s time for some love!” Jeff Probst states.

The Challenge Of All Challenges

Davie’s mom Hazel comes out first, who calls him “Davie Crockett,” since he always came home with snakes and frogs. But he’s also so loving, and her most lovable kid. Sucks to be you, Davie’s siblings! Alison’s mom Willa is next. The only reason Alison is out there is because of her mom. Kara is next, and she reunites with her hunky brother Eric. She’s in tears as they hug. Kara says that she and her brother are much like real-life Survivor back at home. I think there may be a sad story here I haven’t heard yet. If you know it, feel free to utilize the comments.

Nick’s dad is next, and according to Probst, Nick “changed” when he first sees them. Nick admits he didn’t always appreciate his dad until he learned his dad donated blood to help put food on the table for all of the kids. “It’s about what you give,” his dad says. Gabby is next, and her mom appears. “She always supports me when I’m doing my worrying thing,” Gabby admits. Seems like Gabby always calls her mom to calm her down, which is more or less the role Christian plays.

Angelina’s mom Anna comes out next, and the two share a deep hug. “My mom is literally the strongest woman I know,” Angelina says. She tells her mom about her rice maneuver. Mike White’s boyfriend Josh is up next, and first, I didn’t know Mike was gay. Two, Josh is also a hunk. They’ve been together for six years, and they’re super different, but they’ve bonded in a different way.



Christian’s girlfriend Emily comes out next, who at first laugh at his beard. Then, before anything else, Christian introduces Emily to Jeff Probst. Then they finally hug. “There it is!” Probst says. “She is the most self-sacrificing, kind, funny, smart woman… I’ve ever met,” Christian says.  Then he kind of apologizes to Emily, since he has a feeling he’s not going to win this one,  maybe? He gives a speech about appreciating what you have.

The winner of the reward, which will take place in pairs, gets more time with their loved one and a BBQ. Mike White and Davie are first up, with Christian and Gabby right behind. “You’re only as fast as your slowest person, and right now that is Angelina,” Probst says. Come on, Probst. Her mom is right there!

Who’s Hanging With Their Loved Ones?

Near the end, with the ball toss, everyone is more or less neck-and-neck. Davie scores first, and then Nick scores. Angelina and Nick end up winning, and the two hug in the sand. Finally, her losing streak is over! They choose Davie to enjoy the reward with them, as Nick made a promise. And they get one more choice. Angelina says their next choice is someone who stood by her side and goes with Mike White. Gabby, Christian, Alison, and Kara get to go back to the beach alone.



Over on the festive Loved Ones BBQ Boat, the four winners take time to talk strategy. It’s the group Angelina is hoping will make it to the final four. Davie still feels like he’s on the outside, and doesn’t think this particular alliance would work well for him.

Back at the beach, Christian said he tried really hard not to embarrass Emily. Gabby realized that her relationship with Christian was similar, as she also was quick to be comforted by him. “I need to play for me,” she says. She chats with Alison, who admits that not a soul would be able to beat him at the end. She tells Kara as well, who is super surprised. “I couldn’t believe it was coming out of her mouth,” she says. Kara is all for the plan. I’M NOT.

The Immunity Challenge

It’s day 32, and time for the Immunity Challenge. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. This challenge, like most of them, is about balance. They have to make sure they keep a bucket study. Water dramatically cascades in the background while the survivors of Survivor take their spots.

Mike White is out almost immediately. “That’s how fast it can happen,” Probst says. Gabby is next, right before the second round. Survivors need to get their front foot before their back for phase two. “You can hear the breathing, trying to find that meditation!” Probst says. Christian makes a risky move by scratching his head but is still in the game. Alison’s legs are twitching like crazy.

Alison is out, and now we’re down to five. Angelina is next. Fifteen minutes pass, and now the contestants need to move their front foot over their back foot. Everyone makes it, and they need to hold the pose for twenty minutes. The contestants that are out support Nick, who supposedly is dropping low. “Nick’s was super obvious, that’s the only reason,” Gabby says. Christian starts to wobble a little bit, but it’s Nick who drops first.

Christian steps off, and now it’s up to Davie and Kara. Davie has bugs all over his face, and a quick head movement takes him out, making Kara the winner.

The Big Blindside

Back at camp, everyone congratulates Kara and Gabby is all about going big or going home.

Like nothing is up whatsoever, she talks to Christian on the beach, who thinks that they need to get rid of Alison next. “With Christian having the hidden immunity idol, you need to take him out when he least expects it,” Gabby says. But she needs to remember that Christian doesn’t want Gabby to win. Nobody wants Gabby to win. Wait, I mean. Gabby wants Gabby to win.



Nick is all about getting Christian out, since after saving him twice, supposedly Christian was funning for him. Davie says that voting for Christian just doesn’t feel right to him. “Who’s going to be my shield if I get Christian out?” he says.

Davie tells Christian that he needs to watch out for Gabby. He’s stunned, as he’s been with Gabby throughout the entire game. He thinks the best course of action is to repair his relationship with Nick. “I did make an error in not telling you [about Carl],” he says. “I’m trying to hold up to a miscalculation on my part.”

Nick still doesn’t trust him fully.

Tribal Council

Elizabeth, John, Dan, Alec, and Carl come in to sit on the jury. Carl looks pissed, and Angelina admits that he’s totally justified for that on the jury. “It was a blindside, and it was a big move,” Nick admits. He says he was upset with Christian over not telling him about the Carl vote. “If you’re with me and you trust me, why couldn’t you tell me?” Christian admits he took it seriously and it’s affected his thinking going forward. “That’s on me,” he said. Nick says he rebuilt his relationship with Christian since.

Gabby talks about how she has more reassurance in herself, which totally tells Christian that she’s turned on him. Alison talks about how she’s a threat since she pulled off a great blindside. Angelina’s criteria includes someone she doesn’t see herself ending the game with. “It’s never easy, it’s never safe,” Mike White says.

But now, it’s time to vote. Gabby’s up first. And, she’s 100% Christian. But, at least she gives a sweet speech about how he’s been her BFF beforehand.

Jeff goes to read the vote, and is about to do so, when Christian figures out whether or not he should play his idol. He looks around at the people around him and decides that —yes. It’s time. The idol has been in his shoe the whole time, and it’s been pretty uncomfortable.

With one vote Alison and two votes Gabby, Gabby is officially out of Survivor. “I’m so sorry,” she says to Christian. “Sorry Christian, I love you!” she says. Christian says they’ll see each other soon. But hopefully not too soon, since uh. He’s been my pick to win since episode one.

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