“Survivor: David V. Goliath” Recap: Two Immunities, Two Surprises One Survivor thinks up a unique strategy at the first Immunity Challenge, while another negotiates for extra food.

This “episode” of Survivor was advertised as having “two tribal councils!” but by that, they mean it’s two back-to-back Survivor episodes. So, be prepared for a real doozy of a recap.

Back at KaloKalo, the surviving tribemates of Survivor applaud each other for a really great tribal council. Not only did they play two advantages, but they played them correctly. But Angelina feels like she was stabbed in the back, and makes sure to tell Christian why two people wrote her name down — it was to look good later on.

Nick and Davie choose to search for as many immunity idols and clues as they can — especially Davie, since he sucks at challenges. Nick manages to find an idol clue, which will require him to be daring. He’ll have to sneak out of camp and travel far to get it. He’s still willing to do it, despite it being a challenge.

The Reward Challenge

Now it’s time for the Reward Challenge! They’ll be separated into two teams of five, and the winning five will enjoy fresh wraps, salads, and wine. Teams will be randomly drawn.



Each team needs to swim out together to a rope bridge, where they’ll balance on their feet on ropes to get across. It’s a brand new challenge, and pretty hard. The second they fall in, they have to start all over again. The purple team gets across first while Mike White, who’s on the orange team, struggles across. But Christian makes quick time across after Mike makes it through, and orange recovers. But, now’s not the time to talk about my Christian crush.

Orange ends up winning, and nobody really saw it coming. Carl is especially upset about not winning, and thinks it has a lot to do with Alec. Might be the right time to get him out of the game, especially since he’s a big threat with challenges.

Alec,  who pretty much won the challenge for the team, is trying to flirt with Gabby and Christian to try and get on  their good side. But the big secret part of this win isn’t the wraps — it’s the fact that the winners got letters home from loved ones. Christian says his dad wanted him to find an idol, win a big feast, and make Jeff Probst laugh. And he did all of those things.

Back at camp, Carl is taking the “no food” thing pretty hard. He said it doesn’t matter who you are — no food is no



food. He pretty much admits he’s coming after Alec to Kara, which probably isn’t a good move as the two of them are close. Alec then throws up, since he ate too many wraps. Alison is also throwing up everywhere. “Is she doing yoga?” Angelina asks Mike White when she sees Alison keeled over on the sand.


Davie is covering Nick, who disappears to look for the idol. And it’s especially hard since Alison keeps throwing up due to the reward. Luckily, Nick finds the idol quickly. Heading back to camp, he thanks the Lord for the beautiful day.

The Immunity Challenge

Immunity is back up for grabs! The challenge today is all about balance. Contestants need to stand on a perch and can’t fall off. The winner will get a one in nine chance of winning. Probst offers up a giant platter of nachos and margaritas for those who feel secure. Angelina, Carl, and Nick choose the nachos. Kind of a bad move for Angelina in my opinion, but who knows.

Mike White and Davie are the first out. The nacho eaters talk about how Alec really needs to win this one, and since he “doesn’t like to be uncomfortable” he probably doesn’t have a good shot of winning. Even though Kara looks solid, she steps off her perch and is out. Angelina can barely believe it.

Alison gives up next, and now we’re down to three who’ve been up there for an hour and 35 minutes. “I think we’re going to be out here a long time,” Probst says. Gabby and Christian are quick to call Probst out after he used the term “zero point zero.”

Gabby starts crying, since this is the one she can win and she doesn’t know when it’s going to end. We haven’t seen a good Gabby cry in a few episodes, but seriously — I’ll put money on Probst making a shitty montage of her tearful moments for the reunion. Alec pretty much states that he’s not quitting until he wins. Gabby falls out and cries more, as Alec give a shitty “bye, Gabby.” Christian and Alec stay in for three hours more hours.

Christian asks if he can tell a story about plant root growth to pass the time. He had to create a plant robot, and the story lasts… 50 minutes. Now, it’s 4 hours and 20 minutes and Christian is still talking. This time, it’s about reuben sandwiches. Then, they reach hour five. Alec feels like he’s going to pass out, so he tries to bargain with Christian. “I might never get this opportunity again,” Christian admits. And with that, Alec drops out. Go Christian!

Seriously. It was amazing. The entire thing.

“I shouldn’t have let go,” Alec admits to Alison. He knows he’s probably going home, and is crying over the fact that it’ll probably be a unanimous vote. “I’m not going to give up,” he says.

Weirdly enough, Gabby doesn’t like the fact that Carl is taking charge and is throwing Alec’s name around. She’s also infuriated that Carl keeps talking about it in front of Kara. Carl thinks Gabby is being “too emotional and too paranoid” over the whole thing. Christian admits that one of his biggest jobs as Gabby’s ally is making sure she’s happy. And now, she’s not. And she’s crying again.

Christian understands that getting rid of Alec would be huge, but he’ll have to keep other threats around in order to save his own game. See, he’s a threat. “Either I’ll be voting with him, or I’ll be sending him home,” Christian says.

Tribal Council (Part 1 Of 2)

Time for Tribal! Christian talks about his big win, and says that his big 5-hour speech will always be a big memory for him. Alec admits that even though he said he wasn’t stepping off until he won, he couldn’t focus after hour five and got very dizzy. Carl tries to defend his position to eat nachos, especially since he’s only eaten a handful of rice here or there. Christian admits that every decision on Survivor is a calculated risk.

After Alison says she doesn’t understand Angelina’s logic between eating the nachos, Angelina says that there was a big tribal moment last time around that proved the Goliath’s stink.

But now, it’s time to vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. Alec gets all the votes. Sorry, Alec. “It’s been real,” he says.

But that ain’t it. There’s another episode ahead. Oh yeah — this is a two-hour event.

Gabby cries yet again, and Alison talks about how she can’t save every life. With Alec out of the picture, she’s the next biggest physical threat! And now she’s just praying that Christian and Gabby might want to work with her.

The Second Reward Challenge

This one requires diving and buoys. The first team will win a speedboat trip with fried chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, cold beverages, and dessert. Yum. One person will have no shot at the reward, and I hope it’s not Carl.

It’s not! It’s Christian, who sits this one out. Kind of weird, being that he won the last immunity. You’d assume it’d be Mike.

Speaking of, I want a gif of Mike missing the basket during this challenge. Can anyone make it for me? I tried to rewind my television and then realized I no longer have that capability. Sigh.

Orange is in the lead, but the winning team needs to reach five. But it’s still anyone’s game. Davie makes the final basket for the orange team. Carl is on that team, which means he finally won a reward! Angelina is the only one left who’s been without a reward.

The boat comes immediately to take them to their chicken and beer paradise.

Carl Gets Trashed

Carl, drunk, admits to Kara that Alison needs to go next. Kara is a little confused since Alison is a Goliath. But once again, Carl forgets that original tribes exist. Carl probably got loaded off of like, one beer since his stomach has been so empty.

Davie, also a little drunk, talks about how he likes to dunk. Carl, likely wasted at this point, talks about how a bunch of people on the beach are “shady, shady, shady” and also tells Mike and Kara that he loves them. Then Carl passes out on the beach with a beer. “It was great for my game,” Kara admits.



Back on the beach, Gabby is on the beach chatting with Christian about how it’s time to make a move, and keeps on referring to Carl as “The Godfather” which I really don’t think is going to catch on. She also chats to Alison, and wants to blindside Carl and lock it down with Kara and Mike. “It is music to my ears that Gabby wants to vote together,” Alison admits. “The timing feels right.” Let’s not hope the Immunity Challenge is “who can get the most drunk,” since Carl will dominate.

Carl’s still drunk on his return to the beach, and smiling at Christian talking about his chicken and beer reward. Carl brings his Alison plan to Angelina  and Nick. Mike White also talks about how Carl is the Godfather, so okay, maybe it did catch on. Carl also summons Christian over and tells him the vote is Alison, and “don’t tell Gabby.” “That moment was a final data point for me that Carl must go,” Christian says.

Christian and Gabby chat and Gabby is insulted that Carl thinks she shouldn’t have known about the Alison vote.

Angelina thinks the tribe needs to negotiate with Jeff about food — and Mike White thinks she’s a lot like Tracy Flick from Election, in the fact that she’s right but she’s also totally aggravating.


The Immunity Challenge (2 of 2)

This time, the survivors of Survivor need to do an obstacle course to gather puzzle pieces, and then complete that puzzle. But before that, Angelina brings up her rice negotiation. “We’re getting critically low,” she says. Jeff Probst is intrigued. He thinks it was a great presentation of a low-ball offer. Jeff says that if someone is willing to give up immunity, he’ll give them an amount of rationed rice. And Angelina does it, since she thinks it’s important. She said it’s a big moment for her “Survivor story and resume.” Ok, whatever.




All the other Survivor contestants start their challenge. And they’re all wound up with bundles and beams. When they get to the puzzle, everyone is pretty confused. Carl guesses “Perceptions” with his letter, and it isn’t right. But hey, it’s a word. Davie figures it out based on this — it’s “Perspective,” and he wins immunity.


Carl is still all about Alison, and thinks the David’s need to stick together. Mike White seems to be all about it, but also thinks that Carl is kind of annoying. No matter what, he knows he’ll be burning a bridge.

Christian is not totally cool with Mike since he works in Hollywood and voted for him twice. But, he’s still putting trust in him. “If Carl goes home tonight, I’m going to feel so vindicated,” Gabby says. She’s not going to be an underdog in this game anymore!

Tribal Council (2 of 2)

Probst mentions how everyone voted for Alec last time. Kara says it was a way for the Goliaths telling the Davids that they wanted to work with them. Nick thinks that the camp resembled scrambled eggs before, and Christian says now it’s more like poached eggs. Mike White says he used to feel guilty about voting people out, but now he’s all about it.

Probst mentions how Mike is actually the last remaining male Goliath, but keeps saying that lines are blurred — especially due to that last reward. Angelina mentions the whole rice thing, and says she felt secure enough to make that all happen.

But let’s get to it. It’s time to vote. It’s totally between Carl and Alison. They’re tied up at 4-4 before the last vote, which goes to Carl. The tribe has spoken. And surprisingly, he seems kind of okay about things.

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