“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Recap: Who’ll Return To The Game? Only one voted-out player is making it back into the game.

This week on Survivor, our remaining Survivor castmates merge! And they also learn that the eliminated people weren’t hanging out off-camera, or on a plane home. Oh no. Instead, they were on Extinction Island, trying not to kill each other.

Keith gives Chris his disadvantage of 30 knots after they find out that only one of the eliminated players would be making it back in the game. The competition between them includes a rope ladder, and, as you expected, knots to untie.

And you guys, I don’t know about this. I kind of thought the people voted out would just form their own tribe. If one person makes it back in, aren’t they almost an instant target? Even worse, imagine if Wendy wins this? And honestly, she’s doing a pretty good job. Even with her tics in action. Both Chris and Wendy are inches away from winning but screw it up.

But the winner? “Devens,” or as we know him, Rick. Thank god, he was my favorite.

A Tearful Goodbye?



But now, extinction begins again. Everyone voted out has this same opportunity. “I’m a whole new man, thanks to the edge of extinction!” Rick says.

Aubry can’t help but cry, since Survivor has given her so much in her life, and she got played really hard. Then, Reem gets a moment to talk. She says that Survivor is the “don’t call me” show in her family, and she can’t believe she ended up in Extinction. Keith is also crying, but he’s proud that he didn’t give up. Wendy says that the second everyone touched the sand, they were winners.

Chris says Survivor was like therapy. Okay. Now, after the tears, Jeff Probst says that everyone will get another chance to hang at Extinction Island and live again. “I was jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning,” Aubry says.

Wentworth says he’s actually kind of bummed that Devens is back. Should I call him Devens, or Rick? I like Rick better. Anyway. He knows he needs to try his hardest to stay alive out there. “They voted me out,” he says to Julie. “As much as I love him, I’m a free agent.” She’s rooting for him since the Edge of Extinction seems like a scary place.

Chris knows that coming back would be hard, but says it’s what he needed. Because of the therapy thing. They raise up a really crappy looking flag, and Keith says he’s gotten more out of the experience than he came in with.

The Easy Vote

The new tribe is called Vata since I guess we’re all just putting letters together. Wentworth is still tied with Lauren. The fact that they have two idols is great for them. Wentworth tries to give a sales pitch to Joe. “I don’t trust most of my Kamas,” Joe says. “I just feel like I’m on the bottom.” The two of them need each other right now.

They’re thinking about getting rid of Rick since it’s an easy vote. Julie, on the other hand, doesn’t think that’s even moral. She’s thinking it should be Wentworth or Lauren because they’re “brutal.” Welcome to Survivor, honey.

Rick finds something super secret in his bag. He unwraps it, and it’s an advantage. It’s two sides of an immunity idol, and he needs to give half of it to someone else he trusts. If they’re both in the game after the Tribal Council, it turns into a real idol. But, he can’t use it the first time around.

Of course, Rick tells his BFF David. He knows he can trust David the most, as they’re the closest allies. “For the first vote, it’s not an immunity idol, it’s a bargaining chip,” he says.

The Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the very first individual Immunity Challenge. Winners get a crazy necklace. For today’s challenge, they need to stand on a beam and hold a statue. The last person left standing with that statue wins.

The second the challenge starts, Ron drops out. The second person out is Gavin. Wardog is out next after not being able to make the transition. Something tells me this whole thing won’t last very long.

Rick is out next, which — bummer. It seems like the wind is really fucking up everyone’s game. Aurora (wait, who?) is out. Victoria as well. Wentworth leaves after her arms go numb. Eric is out next, leaving it to five players. Julie is out next, with David following behind. Julie, Joe, and Lauren are still in it.

While on the sidelines, the Survivor players who were out comment on Julie’s hotness and guns. If it’s a method to try and get her to falter, they fail — and instead, it’s Joe who leaves the challenge. After Lauren drops, Julie is declared the winner. Since she’s pro-Rick, this may be a gamechanger.

“I feel like I’ve been wanting to be on Survivor for 18 years,” she says, as she tears up over her victory. Her husband will be proud!

Julie is so glad there are no blindsides on her tonight. But now, it’s time for her to strategize. She’s trying to get Wentworth out, She tells Rick that while everyone knows he’s a pair with David, she doesn’t think he deserves to go home again. David and Rick are all about getting Wentworth out of the game as well.

While a bunch of castmates try and hunt for those loose chickens, Joe asks Ron to follow them and see who’s on the chopping block. And Ron’s like, “eh.” He follows the crowd and tells Victoria that it’s about time for Joe to leave, especially since he doesn’t have immunity.

There’s not a general consensus, but it seems like this Tribal Council is going to be a huge mess.

The Tribal Council

Reem, Chris, and Aubry are on the jury since they want to get back in the game. So, uh. Is that the end for Keith? And Wendy? This twist is confusing!

Rick talks about how he’s spent a lot of time in purgatory, and it’s hard to see where things fall. Victoria says that there are bigger targets on the table and that Rick isn’t too much of a threat. Ron, who — can we talk about his tie later? — says that there’s been no talk of idols.

Rick calls out Joe for painting all day. (Painting?) And says he doesn’t understand his gameplay. But whatever, it’s time to vote now and Victoria is up first.

Jeff Tallies!

Jeff Probst goes ahead and tallies those votes. Nobody plays an idol, even though Wentworth looks nervous. It’s between Rick, Wentworth, and David at first. Rick and David both get two votes. Then, Wentworth gets one more. And David.  And then, votes pour in for Joe. Like, pour in. Joe’s out to Extinction Island, y’all.

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