“This Is Us” S3E9 Recap: The Fall Finale Emotional Rollercoaster Tess is no longer the sweetest of peas, but she has a billion reasons not to be.

This week’s episode of This Is Us starts in Vietnam. Even though Jack tries to include Nicky in activities, there’s […]

“This Is Us” S3E6 Recap: Beth Finally Breaks Watch the moment where Beth drops the "S" bomb. Not *that* one — the other one.

Right before the credits on this week’s episode of This Is Us, Kate knows something’s up with Toby. Maybe it’s […]

“This Is Us” S3E5 Recap: All About Toby There's a flashback to a beardless Toby in this Toby-centric Toby. I mean, episode.

This week on This Is Us, Randall puts on a tie to run for office. Councilman, to be specific. He […]