Check Out “Empire Records” And “The Quick And The Dead” On 1995 The Podcast! Two movies from 1995 with two entirely different concepts.

Hello, friendos. You probably know me by now. I mostly recap Teen Mom, since the show never ends. But This Is Us and Survivor are also getting recapped this season. Aside from watching television, I like to talk. Mainly about television, but also movies.

So, I just wanted to tell you about the latest two episodes of my podcast, titled 1995 The Podcast. What is it, you may ask? It’s me and my husband reviewing movies that came out in 1995. If you didn’t know, 1995 was kind of an unreal year for movies.

Since this is my site, I like to promote them here. But I don’t want to overload the site with my side project, thus I’ll be bunching them up. Like now! Here’s our Empire Records episode, if you want to hear it.

And if you’re a big Leo fan, you might be into this episode of The Quick And The Dead. It’s a zany film.

In advance, thanks for the support — with the recaps, and on the pre-recorded airwaves. (Also, we’re on iTunes if you want to subscribe to us there!)

Featured Image: Regency Enterprises


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